Thursday, March 10, 2011

My most successful accomplishment from my final and and my midterm, was that it was fun for me and I enjoyed it. I liked being able to choose what we wanted to do and it help me thing about things I wanted to express.

My most challenging learning experience, was learning to mask, and also leaning to make things transparent. Sometimes I would forget how to do stuff because I only practiced it once in class. Sometimes when I was listening to the quiz instructions, I would miss something and I would get behind or lost. My most challenging Quiz was the one we had to do with our self portraits. I didn't do enough brainstorming on how I wouldve transformed my face and when I went to do the quiz I took a long time and it didn't turn out very well. Something that was a challenge at first that I mastered was blending and making things look like they were part of the picture. I thought as  I practiced more with it, I got better at making things look like they belonged, like in quiz 4. I spent alot of time on quiz 4 trying different tools and starting over many times. It seemed like as long as I had an idea of what I was planning on doing, I had more time to practice on photoshop tools.

As you can see, I changed one of the artworks from my finals. I used the suggestions that other students gave me. At first while I was working on the project, I was thinking about trying to put more swirls in the pictures. I was afraid at first because I was afraid of messing up the picture. After I tried swirling the trees and stuff, it turned out pretty good I thought. I think it would help more with drawing the audiences attention and to see where I was coming from.

Final Project revised

Final Project artist statement

My big idea for my final project was how your environment can shape your identity. We experience many things throughout our lives and a big thing that influences us is our environment. My first idea was to incorporate fashion with the weather. After thinking about it more I decided I want to do something similar to Julia Scorupskys artwork, as I had posted in an earlier blog. I really love the way she makes her artwork move in a way that makes you think about many different things and gives you different feelings. When I saw her artwork it reminded me of a painting. I decided that for my final I wanted to interpret my big idea through a painting and through photoshop. In the painting and in the photoshop artwork I used the same idea of showing how the different seasons blend. I made a path going through the painting and as you follow it the seasons change. In the other artwork I used pictures of my apartments to show how it connected with me and what I see when I walk out.

The second artist that influenced my final project was Edvard Munch. Munch used lots of colors and lines that flow to create an image that represents his mood or something he has gone through. In high school I learned about him and I did a painting to represent his style of art, which is the last image with the leaf in it. I really like how he uses different colors instead of sticking to one color. It gives it sort of a pop art look. For my final project I wanted to do the same thing where I was representing my feelings and moods.
Julia Scorupsky an artist that I had researched earlier in this class inspired me for my final project. I really like the way she uses the color to help move the artwork. She does other types of art, but the type that really interested me was the landscape artworks. I love how from each of these artworks the weather in each gives you a certain mood or feeling. This reminded me about how the weather affects me and how it has been changing so much lately. I feeel this is a part of my identity because a huge thing that affects my feelings is the environment I am in. I felt this was the perfect opportunity to sho my skills with paint and art to show how i can create different moods I am feeling.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Final Project artist statement rough draft

For my final project I chose to make two landscapes. I used a mixture of different types of weather I saw throughout this month to create one picture. The first thing that influenced me for this project was the computer artist Julia Scorupsky. I really liked the way she created a feeling with the different types of landscapes. When you look at her artworks, it is as if they keep moving. I chose to do the same thing with my artwork. For one artwork I used pictures, and for the other one I used a painting. I created different weather scenes and connected them to show the crazy weather. I chose to do this because I feel this has a huge affect on people and how they feel.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Quiz 4

Quiz 4

For my quiz four I chose to do two opposite movies, the Pirates of the Caribbean, and Cinderella. I chose to do these movies because I felt the best contrast is between two movies is when they are very different. I chose the pirates of the Caribbean because on the front of the movie poster it has a very dark look to it with colors like red and black to associate with darkness. I chose Cinderella because it is a movie with a happy ending and on the cover you see Cinderella and her prince happy together. I found a similarity between the two movies because in Cinderella she is treated poorly by her step mothers and step sisters. I exaggerated the mood of anger in the movie poster on how people might feel about the Step mother and the step sisters. I put the step mother in the middle to make her seem like she is the main character, where really Cinderella is. It seemed appropriate to choose the stepmother to be in the middle because she seems to be the main source for Cinderellas unhappiness.

Monday, February 21, 2011


Artist Statement

For my big idea, I chose identity but chose to focus more on body image. In my first diptych, I showed a collage of many people obsessing over their body image and how they worry so much  about the way they look because of the expectations others have set for the way they think you should look. I wend online and researched images under terms like, body image, and identity to find my images. In the second Diptych you see a model who is dressed up in measuring tape. I chose to do this because I wanted to use the things I learned in photoshop to not only create my big idea, but to show something like fashion that I am interested in. I chose this image because I wanted people to feel that it was ironic to see a model wrapped up in a tape measurer, which leads back into what do we expect people to look like? I really enjoyed this especially because I used something that I love like fashion, and found a way to design my own artwork using photoshop.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


The most important thing in a persons life, is their identity. Things that we use to identify ourselves might be our religion, our personality, our style of clothes, or even the friends we hang out with. Everyone has different ideas of what they think is acceptable. The first thing people look at when they see you is what you are wearing. They get that initial judgment by how you dress and how you take care of yourself. People have different ideas of what is the right religion and what is right. People use religion as a huge part of their identity. Most people who have a religion put a lot of their focus into it, and this can  have an affect on how people see you. Also something that identifies you is the way you act. Your personality has a huge impact on what people think about you. Some things in a persons personality aren't really changeable, but other things can be controlled. You choose how you want to act and this identifies you. I chose identity because I think it can pretty much some up anyone. It is a very important thing and it is important thing that we are acceptable of other peoples identities.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Big Idea- Identity

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Big Ideas

Identity: Many people have many ways that they express their identity. Identity is something that expresses who you are. The first thing you look at when you see someone is what they are wearing and automatically you make a judgment about them.

Everyone has been uncertain about something at least one time in their lifetime. It is one thing that every one has in common. We as humans are uncertain about the things that make us happy. We base appiness off of things without being certain it is really what is best for us.
Every one has something that they value. Some people value the wrong things, like money or appearance. People also have things that are good like religion and family, which everyone can agree are very important. There are also some things that we value that no one but you can decide whether or not you should have that value.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Julia Scorupsky-computer art

In the first picture there is a forest with lots of trees that have lost their leaves. You can see the sun shining down on the tree and reflecting off of the other things in the forest. It is hard to tell if the tree on the right is hanging off of a cliff or if it is hanging over some water. it looks like the tree roots are hanging over a cliff, but then where the cliff thins out it looks like there might be ripples in water. This picture looks like it was meant to make you wonder. It makes you wonder what might be under the cliff or what might be above the trees where the light is poking in.

In the second picture it looks like an absract picture of a forest. The dark tree branches bend in odd places, which make you question whether or not they are tree branches or if they turn into something else like paint. In the background there is blue water withe ripples in the water and there is a large swirl that almost looks like it is over top of the tree branches.

The last picture is a picture of a landscape. There is a few pine trees on the top of the hill and in the foreground there is a large picture with white flowers on the tree. The object look again like they could be one of two things, a shadow or maybe the actual object. Also on the ground there is yellow sunlight reflecting off the ground and it looks like it is reflecting upward.