Monday, February 28, 2011

Quiz 4

For my quiz four I chose to do two opposite movies, the Pirates of the Caribbean, and Cinderella. I chose to do these movies because I felt the best contrast is between two movies is when they are very different. I chose the pirates of the Caribbean because on the front of the movie poster it has a very dark look to it with colors like red and black to associate with darkness. I chose Cinderella because it is a movie with a happy ending and on the cover you see Cinderella and her prince happy together. I found a similarity between the two movies because in Cinderella she is treated poorly by her step mothers and step sisters. I exaggerated the mood of anger in the movie poster on how people might feel about the Step mother and the step sisters. I put the step mother in the middle to make her seem like she is the main character, where really Cinderella is. It seemed appropriate to choose the stepmother to be in the middle because she seems to be the main source for Cinderellas unhappiness.

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