Tuesday, February 1, 2011


The most important thing in a persons life, is their identity. Things that we use to identify ourselves might be our religion, our personality, our style of clothes, or even the friends we hang out with. Everyone has different ideas of what they think is acceptable. The first thing people look at when they see you is what you are wearing. They get that initial judgment by how you dress and how you take care of yourself. People have different ideas of what is the right religion and what is right. People use religion as a huge part of their identity. Most people who have a religion put a lot of their focus into it, and this can  have an affect on how people see you. Also something that identifies you is the way you act. Your personality has a huge impact on what people think about you. Some things in a persons personality aren't really changeable, but other things can be controlled. You choose how you want to act and this identifies you. I chose identity because I think it can pretty much some up anyone. It is a very important thing and it is important thing that we are acceptable of other peoples identities.

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