Thursday, March 10, 2011

Final Project artist statement

My big idea for my final project was how your environment can shape your identity. We experience many things throughout our lives and a big thing that influences us is our environment. My first idea was to incorporate fashion with the weather. After thinking about it more I decided I want to do something similar to Julia Scorupskys artwork, as I had posted in an earlier blog. I really love the way she makes her artwork move in a way that makes you think about many different things and gives you different feelings. When I saw her artwork it reminded me of a painting. I decided that for my final I wanted to interpret my big idea through a painting and through photoshop. In the painting and in the photoshop artwork I used the same idea of showing how the different seasons blend. I made a path going through the painting and as you follow it the seasons change. In the other artwork I used pictures of my apartments to show how it connected with me and what I see when I walk out.

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