Thursday, March 10, 2011

My most successful accomplishment from my final and and my midterm, was that it was fun for me and I enjoyed it. I liked being able to choose what we wanted to do and it help me thing about things I wanted to express.

My most challenging learning experience, was learning to mask, and also leaning to make things transparent. Sometimes I would forget how to do stuff because I only practiced it once in class. Sometimes when I was listening to the quiz instructions, I would miss something and I would get behind or lost. My most challenging Quiz was the one we had to do with our self portraits. I didn't do enough brainstorming on how I wouldve transformed my face and when I went to do the quiz I took a long time and it didn't turn out very well. Something that was a challenge at first that I mastered was blending and making things look like they were part of the picture. I thought as  I practiced more with it, I got better at making things look like they belonged, like in quiz 4. I spent alot of time on quiz 4 trying different tools and starting over many times. It seemed like as long as I had an idea of what I was planning on doing, I had more time to practice on photoshop tools.

As you can see, I changed one of the artworks from my finals. I used the suggestions that other students gave me. At first while I was working on the project, I was thinking about trying to put more swirls in the pictures. I was afraid at first because I was afraid of messing up the picture. After I tried swirling the trees and stuff, it turned out pretty good I thought. I think it would help more with drawing the audiences attention and to see where I was coming from.

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