Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Julia Scorupsky-computer art

In the first picture there is a forest with lots of trees that have lost their leaves. You can see the sun shining down on the tree and reflecting off of the other things in the forest. It is hard to tell if the tree on the right is hanging off of a cliff or if it is hanging over some water. it looks like the tree roots are hanging over a cliff, but then where the cliff thins out it looks like there might be ripples in water. This picture looks like it was meant to make you wonder. It makes you wonder what might be under the cliff or what might be above the trees where the light is poking in.

In the second picture it looks like an absract picture of a forest. The dark tree branches bend in odd places, which make you question whether or not they are tree branches or if they turn into something else like paint. In the background there is blue water withe ripples in the water and there is a large swirl that almost looks like it is over top of the tree branches.

The last picture is a picture of a landscape. There is a few pine trees on the top of the hill and in the foreground there is a large picture with white flowers on the tree. The object look again like they could be one of two things, a shadow or maybe the actual object. Also on the ground there is yellow sunlight reflecting off the ground and it looks like it is reflecting upward.

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  1. I like the stuff that you said about your pictures and I really like these pictures, they're a bit gloomy but still beautiful. In your explanation you saw a lot of things that I didn't at first see or pay attention to but now I can and it makes it a lot more interesting. Why do you think the artist uses these images of trees and what are the trees in these positions represent? Great pics.